About Hypercube Apparel

About Hypercube Apparel

Key Moments in SpaceTime:

Converted into the 3rd dimension in 1998 for a school project, Hypercube has never left the heart of a budding designer, Hyperella. Once the incubation period was completed Hypercube became incorporated and trademarked in 2007. With a few false starts due to unreliable contractors; (late) 2008- (early) 2009 was suppose to the time when Hypercube released it's first mini line. However tragedy struck when the designer had an accident which resulted in a minor head injury causing more delays. The First mini line is now schedule for release for Spring 2011!

Mission Statement:

The line is still in it's infancy but hopes to excel in delivering top quality clothing! When you buy a Hypercube product you are supporting a local economy as our garments are produced locally. We try to use as much eco-friendly fabrics as possible and at times we don't but we make sure to use as much of the fabric as possible to create less waste.

About the Designer:

Hyperella is a professionally trained fashion designer; a graduate from the International Academy of Design (class of 1999). She has a wide range of experince in Maternity wear, lingerie, Children's wear, women's and men's wear and ladies plus. Hyperella is also a costume designer/stylist and her work has been featured in numerous music videos and short films (to sample work refer to videos in Gallery).

Hyperella has a weakness for video games, comic books, UFC, Hello Kitty, baking, physics, Stephen Hawking, colourful false lashes, make-up and tofu.

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